We are all about cooking cannabis because there is no denying that cooking is life! That is like stating the obvious. At cannabiscooking.life, we love to discover new things and share guides in creating cannabis edibles from appetizers to desserts that are easy and fun to follow.

We are well-pleased to published step by step instructions, practical recipes, and tips through kush the cook to help you understand both cooking and cannabis for that happier munch.

Our Mission

We believe that stress-free cooking combined with clear and insightful details can inspire readers to cook smartly for their cannabis-infused meals. But our mission is not just bringing great cannabis culinary ideas into life, it is also to engage and build a community where we can empower one another through shared happiness experiences.

Why Cannabis Cooking Plus Life?

Our name stems from our belief in the current direction where cannabis is heading medically. Edibles have certainly come a long way (and not a sweet one), and as the number of studies continues to grow, it is not impossible that we can create these meals that could possibly sustain a life whether you’re a gourmet chef or a home cook.